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Watch the Caruso Story

At the age of 24 my life changed forever

It all started in 1979, when I decided to join a gym to lose weight and get fit. One day I arrived at the gym with a burger in one hand and a can of soft drink in the other. George, (the gym owner) pulled me aside and said, “Frank, it’s really great that you’re training here, but if you don’t change your diet you won’t live a long and healthy life....

What you eat today, is what you are tomorrow!” I asked George; “So in your opinion, what is a good diet?” George turned around and picked up a book from behind the counter, handed it to me and said, “Frank, do yourself a favour, buy this book and read it, I promise you it will change your life.” I thought to myself, “Do I really need to read a book to know what to eat?” George was very persistent. Reluctantly, I purchased the book just to get him off my back. I really didn’t have any intention of reading it. After a couple of days I thought I should read a few pages because George would surely ask me questions next time I popped into the gym. I eventually picked up the book and started reading the first chapter and I couldn’t put it down. I read the whole book in 3 days and just as George had promised, it changed my life forever. It was as though I had been struck by lightning. The book was called, The Miracle of Fasting, by Paul Bragg.

I was so motivated by Paul’s philosophies that I literally changed my lifestyle habits overnight.

I cut out most processed foods, increased my intake of fresh fruit and vegetables, replaced white pasta with wholemeal pasta, white rice with brown rice and white bread with wholemeal bread. I substituted sweets with raw nuts and seeds, sugar with raw honey, stopped consuming dairy products and started drinking 2 litres of pure water daily. I also increased my exercise activity from 3 to 6 days a week. More than anything, the book inspired me to learn as much as possible about bowel management through internal cleansing and good nutrition.

As a result, I spent the next 5 years reading every book I could get my hands on about bowel health, internal cleansing, herbal medicine and vitamin therapy. The more I read, the more I wanted to know! All my time was totally consumed with learning more about this new health approach. It became crystal clear to me that good bowel management and good nutrition were the secret to regaining and maintaining vibrant health.

Taking responsibility for good health

For the first time in my life I realised that I had a choice. I could take responsibility for my own health and live a long and healthy life, or throw caution to the wind and keep my fingers crossed and hope that I wouldn’t end up with a major illness. I chose to take responsibility for my own health and I haven’t looked back. Now in my late 50s (I turn 60 next year) I still enjoy an active and healthy life.

I considered myself somewhat lucky to have discovered the benefits of bowel health and good nutrition at a young age. So I’ve made it my mission and goal in life to educate as many people as I possibly can about these important health principles and the key role they play in the prevention of disease. Prevention is better than cure!

Educating people to be healthier

I thought one of the best ways to achieve my goal was to open a health food store. So as soon as I had saved enough money (and with the help of my brother Tony and the bank) I opened up my first health food shop on the 1st of November 1982 (my 28th birthday). At last I could devote most of my time to educating people about bowel management and natural living. From then on I couldn’t wait to get to work every morning…I absolutely loved what I was doing!

After 13 years of working in my store, it became obvious to me that many natural health companies weren’t as passionate or as dedicated about natural living as I was. So in June 1995 I decided to start my own range of health products called ‘Totally Natural Products’ (now Caruso’s Natural Health). I wanted to develop a small range of unique, high quality nutritional products and lifestyle programs that would have a positive affect on people’s health and make a difference to their lives.

I launched a range of herbal cleansing formulas designed to get your digestive system back on track. Today these formulas still remain an important part of the Caruso’s Natural Health range and are used by thousands of Australians everyday.

Over the years the Caruso’s Natural Health range expanded to offer many other quality herbal and nutritional formulas, which focus on a much broader range of health conditions. These include formulas which promote general health and well-being.

Dedicated to improving your health

Today I have a dedicated and passionate team helping me. They are all totally committed to their work. With over 100 years of collective experience in the health industry between them, they are devoted to developing high quality products that can have a positive result on your health. I’m so proud to have them working with me at Caruso’s Natural Health.

It’s because of their dedication, our high quality ingredients and our strict quality control that I can guarantee my products 100%. If you are not satisfied with any of my products, simply return the unused portion to Caruso’s Natural Health, with your proof of purchase and I will refund your money.

My team is constantly looking at ways to develop quality new products and lifestyle programs that will help promote good health for all Australians. To this day I’m still heavily involved in my business and I remain just as committed about educating and helping people to achieve better health through bowel management and good nutrition as I was when I started way back in 1979.

Yours in vibrant health,

Frank Caruso

Founder of Caruso’s Natural Health