The Caruso Story

The Caruso’s range includes more than 70 products and growing. Frank is strongly committed to supporting Australian manufacturing. He  believes Australia has the best vitamin manufacturing facilities in the world so there is no reason for us to lose this industry to overseas manufacturers and risk the jobs of thousands of hard working Australians. 

Frank says; “I’m proud to to tell you that all of our products (with the exception of three probiotics which are made in Europe) are manufactured right here in Australia. Many of the businesses we partner with are also small Australian owned, family businesses. I support Australian manufacturing because it helps to keep and create more jobs for our children, our grandchildren and my fellow Australians. I’m also so proud to have so many passionate Australian’s working with me at Caruso’s Natural Health. My team is constantly looking at ways to develop new quality products and lifestyle programs that will help promote good health for all Australians. We invest thousands of hours on new product research and go to great lengths sourcing the best quality ingredients that go into our formulas. It’s because of their dedication, our high quality ingredients and our strict quality control that I stand behind my products with 100% Money Back Guarantee (For full details on my refund policy please click here)." Yours in vibrant health, Frank Caruso - Founder of Carsuo’s Natural health.