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How To Meet Your Calcium Needs Without Dairy

Written by Felicity Downes-Casipit (Naturopath, B.Nat) Calcium is an essential mineral for all living beings. Not only do we need calcium for healthy bones and teeth, but it’s also important in many other areas such as nerve transmission, muscle contraction, clotting blood and cardiovascular health. Calcium is the most abundant mineral found in the body […]

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7 Natural Ways To Relieve Muscle Pain

Written by Michelle Matthews (Naturopath, B.Nat) You may have experienced muscle pain, for example, when you have exercised too much and overworked your body, it can be so intense that it makes any physical movement difficult. This is a classic acute scenario of temporary muscle pain; however, muscle pain can also be a chronic condition […]

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The 5 Challenges of Aging & How To Better Address Them

Written by Michelle Matthews (Naturopath, B. Nat) Aging is a natural and inevitable process of life and living. However, we do our best to slow the process down, keep in the best shape and eat well. There are other facets to consider about aging and the challenges of it as we get older. 1. Chronic […]

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Winter Warming Soups

There is nothing better in winter than a nice warm hearty soup. It is like a warm hug when the air is cold, frost is on the ground and the winds are blowing. Try these soups to keep warm this winter: Warming Ginger & Pumpkin Soup Serves: 4-6 Ingredients: – 2 tbsp olive oil – 2 […]

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The Healing Benefits of Yoga & Meditation

Written by Felicity Downes-Casipit (Naturopath B.Nat) Its Origins Yoga and meditation have both been around for so long, nobody can be certain exactly when it began. Ancient scriptures from around 5000 years ago hint at the early beginnings of yogic practice and meditation, however, it has only been in the last 200 years that it […]

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Benefits of Turmeric For Joint Health

Written by Felicity Downes-Casipit Naturopath (B.Nat) Historical Use Of Tumeric Most of us are familiar with turmeric as an ingredient in cooking, nestled amongst the other herbs and spices in the spice rack, it’s hard to ignore with its vibrant golden hue. There’s no denying the warming and comforting goodness that a good bowl of […]

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Is getting a good night sleep something you only dream about?

Written by Felicity Downes-Casipit (Naturopath, B.Nat) Ahhhh, a good night’s sleep, there’s nothing better is there? Well no, but for some people, sleep just doesn’t come that easy. If you find it hard to get your hard earned forty winks, then keep reading. Sleep is super important. Good quality sleep helps to keep our mental […]

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7 Ways To Better Manage Mild Anxiety & Stress

Written by Felicity Downes-Casipit (Naturopath, B.Nat) These days it can feel as though stress is a constant part of our daily lives, and for a lot of us it is. Most of us are stressed in one way or another and it’s not always necessarily a bad thing. Stress is a natural response to changes within […]

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Roasted Vegetable Skewers

Ingredients:  – 1 cup diced sweet potato – 1 cup cherry tomatoes – 1 zucchini – 1 cup mushrooms – 1 red capsicum – 1 yellow capsicum – 1 cup pumpkin – 2 tbsp olive oil – 1 tbsp tamari – ½ tsp sea salt – ½ tsp sumac – 1 tbsp lemon juice Method: […]

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Winter Soup Recipe: Minestrone Soup

Serves 6-8 Ingredients: – 2 cups diced potatoes – 2 chopped tomatoes – 2 cups chopped celery -1 cup sliced pumpkin or carrot – 1 cup sliced zucchini – 1 cup chopped onion – ¼ cup cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil – 1-1½ cups cooked kidney beans – 2 tsp salt-free seasoning – 12 cups cold […]

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