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Caruso’s Kids Pencil Jar

Introducing the newest members of the group

Oscar the Owl comes alive at night and can often be heard calling just after dusk or in the wee hours of the morning.

Emma the Echidna is also active at night and likes foraging for food whilst the rest of us sleep.

Kris the Kookaburra lives in a nest in a hollow high up in a tree. You can often hear a chorus of laughter, echoing through the Australian bush from his family and friends.

Caruso’s Kids Pencil Jar

Give your children a fun idea that encourages them to reuse their Caruso’s vitamin jars and create their own pencil jar.

Printable PDF’s Downloadable below:

636112431989269890_06043_CRAFT_CORNER_PENCIL_JAR_80X205 (1) 2 (Super Garcinia Cambogia size) 

06043_CRAFT_CORNER_PENCIL_JAR_66X214 2  (Kids Calm & Behaviour size)