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White sugar could be undermining your children’s health!

Mapula S.
Adv. Dip Naturopath

Processed sugars may have some powerful impact on children’s activity. Refined sugars enter the bloodstream quickly. Therefore, they cause rapid changes in blood sugar levels. This may make a child become more active and craving for more sweets or can cause blood sugar levels to drop rapidly, leaving children feeling shaky.

With all the sweet products in the market, it seems that people’s addiction to processed sugar increases and so are the dangers that come with it.

Here’s why you should remove sugar from your children’s diet. 

Sugar has been confirmed to be the public number one enemy, the truth is; processed sugar does not contain any health benefit. It lacks fibre, minerals, proteins, enzymes, fats or anything that your children’s body needs for healthy development. All it contributes to the body are empty calories.

Because processed sugar does little good or none at all for the body, consumption of sugar may effect the ability of your child’s immune system to fight cold and flu, and is known to cause inflammation and encourages the growth of bad bacteria which can cause a lot of health issues.

Sugars, found in lollies and other treats, are known to cause damage on a child’s teeth. Sugar is what bacteria in the mouth feed on and these bacteria in turn, attack the teeth which will eventually lead to decay. When this goes on at an early stage, it can affect a child until adulthood. It may be a minor matter now, but oral health does have serious implications on the overall well-being of an individual.

Sugar causes weight gain in kids just like it does with adults. Kids gain weight when they eat more calories than they can burn. Sugary snacks and drinks are packed with calories and less nutrients, and eating or drinking too many of them can make kids put on excess weight. Kids who eat too much sugar tend not to eat enough of the healthy foods.

Children are extremely receptive to advertisements for sugary, cereals and sweets, especially after they’ve visited other homes where these foods are served or in the checkout lines for supermarkets. For this reason, you need to be aware of your kid’s eating habits when they are at home or away, and monitor them to make sure they eat as healthy as possible.

To combat outside influence, keep your own home as healthy as possible. Stock up on low sodium, low sugar and low fat products. Eventually you kids will be used to health foods, which may make them less susceptible to the temptation of the more sugary, salty, or greasy foods.