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Active Kids Healthier Kids

Active Kids = Healthier Kids!

Guest Article by Suzanne Robinson from Mummy to Twins Plus One- http://mummytotwinsplusone.com/

Having time outdoors is great for your brain and body. Fresh air and sunshine can make everyone feel better. In the 21st century, we have so many distractions that make being outdoors and present so much harder. Mobile technology -- smart phones and tablets -- are so easy to take with us.

The consequence of this is that we never switch off.

Time away from screens is important for everyone. My motto is little bit of screen time is fine, but if the weather is great they need to get outside and play. Did you know that spending time in nature helps with the following: more creativity, better vision and concentration, stress relief, and improved mood?

So what type of things do my kids and I love to do?

Park Fun

I love to take the kids to the park. They run wild, play on swings and other play equipment.

Bike Riding

Bike riding is fun for everyone. My girls ride their bikes to parks and bike tracks so that they can have more practice and fun with their bikes.

There are many benefits to bike riding for kids; fitness, having fun with family and friends, getting outdoors and experiencing your environment. Cycling is easy to do and the best one is that it is a free activity after you purchase a bike that is.

Bush Walking

Living in the Blue Mountains means so many choices for bush walks. Exploring different areas, seeing birds, animals, the wonderful trees, and flowers is a joy.


My kids are definitely water babies. They all love spending time in the pool and when the weather is warm it is hard to get them out of the water.

The twins invent games, play with friends and each other and also have fund with inflatables at the pool.

Aqua Aerobics

When I have the time I love to do aqua aerobics at the pool. I find that the water adds a degree of difficulty to stretches and allows you to be supported if you have issues with knees of joints during exercise. This exercise allows you to go at your own pace. If you wish to push yourself you can.

Fresh air, exercise, a change of scenery and switching off helps you be a better you.

What activities do you incorporate into your life? Which ones will you make sure to add to your list this spring?

More about our Guest Blogger

Suzanne Robinson is the mummy behind Mummy to Twins Plus One. Suzanne lives in the Blue Mountains just outside of Sydney. She is a mum to twin girls and a baby boy and yes, three kids keep Suzanne extremely busy. Suzanne is  a blogger, writer, speaker, organiser of all, creative, and loves having fun with the family. Mummy to Twins Plus One covers everything from parenthood, ideas for dinners, parenting fails, giveaways, competitions, and some great craft and DIY ideas. Suzanne has a degree in communications and a Masters in Project Management. See her website: http://mummytotwinsplusone.com/



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