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Strength & Stamina

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  1. Co-Enzyme Q10

    Caruso’s Co-Enzyme Q10 contains 150mg of naturally fermented, premium grade Co-Enzyme Q10. It has been developed to support the health of the cardiovascular system, whilst also providing energy and support for muscle health including the heart muscle.

    From: $25.50

    To: $57.50

  2. ErectOMax

    Caruso's ErectOmax formula supports sexual health, normal male physiology and function and maintains healthy testosterone levels.

    From: $56.95

    To: $97.95

  3. Fertile MAX

    Caruso’s Fertile Max may assist with healthy male fertility by providing key nutrients to support healthy sperm production, sperm motility, and healthy sexual function. It also contains two types of Ginseng which may help to maintain a healthy libido and assist with general physical performance and endurance, whilst providing fundamental nutrients for male physiology and function.

    $72.00 RRP
  4. Ginseng 5500

    Caruso’s Ginseng 5500 may be beneficial during times of stress and may help relieve the stress of study or work. Ginseng was traditionally used in Chinese Medicine for people with low energy and lack of stamina. Caruso’s Ginseng 5500 may help with the maintenance or improvement of general wellbeing.
    $34.95 RRP
  5. Immune Aid 60s

    Caruso’s Immune Aid is a powerful and unique blend which can help to support the immune and respiratory systems. 

    $39.95 RRP
  6. Maca 3500

    According to Inca legends, Maca was seen as a virility root crop that was used to maintain energy and increase endurance, stamina and physical capacity. Maca has been used traditionally in Peruvian medicine to maintain emotional wellbeing and has benefits in supporting women's health by regulating healthy menstrual cycles and relieving symptoms of menopause. Today, Maca is commonly used to support healthy sexual function, as an aphrodisiac to enhance the libido, and to support physical stamina.
    $27.95 RRP
  7. Male Mojo

    Caruso's Male Mojo is designed to help maintain men's health and wellbeing and assist the body with stress and fatigue. It also helps support libido, sexual performance and even supports positive mood.

    $42.95 RRP
  8. Rhodiola

    The health benefits of Caruso’s Rhodiola come from its natural “adaptogenic” functions. Adaptogens support the adrenal glands by improving our ability to cope with both environmental and biological stress.

    Rhodiola may also be of benefit to the nervous system, helping to relieve tension and nervous unrest and also sleeplessness due to stress. It may have a calming effect, whilst at the same time, help to promote stamina and endurance.

    $54.95 RRP
  9. Super Magnesium

    Caruso’s Natural Health has developed a broad spectrum, sustained release magnesium formula that contains six different types of magnesium which are slowly released into your body. Caruso’s Super Magnesium Complex is a one-a-day formula for your convenience.

    From: $22.95

    To: $65.95

  10. Super Magnesium Powder

    Caruso’s Super Magnesium Powder is a high potency magnesium powder formula containing six forms of magnesium for superior absorption and vital cofactors for enhanced utilisation.

    $37.95 RRP
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Items 1 to 10 of 12 total

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