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  1. Caruso's Tribulus 30000

    Helps maintain healthy Libido in both men and women. Caruso's Tribulus 30000 is a high strength formula which may help support the sexual and reproductive systems in men and women. Tribulus is a herb that acts as a uterine tonic for women, whilst providing support for a healthy male and female libido. Due to its strengthening and restorative actions, Tribulus may also provide a calming, but rejuvenating effect on the nervous system.
    $24.95 RRP
  2. Caruso's Testorod™

    Caruso's TestOrod formula supports normal male physiology and function and maintains healthy testosterone levels.

    $96.00 RRP
  3. Caruso's Prostate Eze® Max

    Caruso’s Prostate EZE MAX with Pygeum may help manage the symptoms of mild Medically Diagnosed Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (Enlarged Prostate)

    From: $48.95

    To: $118.95

  4. Caruso's Male Mojo™

    Caruso's Male Mojo is designed to help maintain men's health and wellbeing, assist with stress and support healthy mood balance. It also helps support libido and healthy sexual function.
    $42.95 RRP
  5. Caruso's Maca 3500

    According to Inca legends, Maca was seen as a virility root crop that was used to maintain energy and increase endurance, stamina and physical capacity. Maca has been used traditionally in Peruvian medicine to maintain emotional wellbeing and has benefits in supporting women's health by regulating healthy menstrual cycles and relieving symptoms of menopause. Today, Maca is commonly used to support healthy sexual function, as an aphrodisiac to enhance the libido, and to support physical stamina.
    $27.95 RRP
  6. Caruso's Libido

    Caruso’s Libido is a herbal preparation for men which has been developed to support healthy  libido and maintain sexual function. Caruso’s Libido also helps enhance physical performance and endurance whilst increasing muscle stamina to help promote muscle mass. Caruso’s Libido also helps support the stress response by helping the body to cope with  environmental stressors.

    $37.95 RRP
  7. Caruso's Fertile Max™

    Caruso’s Fertile Max may assist with healthy male fertility by providing key nutrients to support healthy sperm production, sperm motility, and healthy sexual function. It also contains two types of Ginseng which may help to maintain a healthy libido and assist with general physical performance and endurance, whilst providing fundamental nutrients for male physiology and function.

    $72.00 RRP
  8. Caruso's Erectomax®

    Caruso's ErectOmax formula supports healthy sexual function, reproductive system health and maintains healthy testosterone levels in healthy males.

    From: $56.95

    To: $97.95

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8 Item(s)