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Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Approved Retailer Mean?

We need to ensure that the retailer from whom you purchased your products are approved to sell. Please provide your proof of purchase to satisfy this requirement.  

What if I don’t have my original purchase receipt anymore?

As we require proof of purchase, please speak with the retailer that you purchased your Caruso’s product from and they may be able to retrieve the details using their point of sale system. 

If this is not an option, feel free to contact us to discuss in greater detail on 02 8818 0100 during business hours AEST Monday to Friday. (Australia)

What if I don’t have to original packaging or unused portion?

Please contact us on 02 8818 0100 during business hours AEST Monday to Friday. (Australia)

I’m not sure whether Money Back Guarantee is the right option for me.

Please contact us on 02 8818 0100 during business hours AEST Monday to Friday (Australia) to discuss your situation and we will be happy to guide you in the right direction.

Why can’t I just get a refund from the retailer where I bought my product?

Because we are so passionate about our products and assisting people with their health conditions, we offer the Money Back Guarantee as a commitment between ourselves and the customer directly.

The Money Back Guarantee allows us to make sure that there is not an alternative resolution to your issue as well as allowing us to continually gain valuable feedback about your experience.

How do you refund my money?

Our refunds come in the form of cheque to the mailing address you provide. 

How long does it take to get my money back?

Should a claim meet all of the terms, we recommend a maximum turnaround of 30 days from date of submission of claim. In the case of claims that require further supporting documentation, processing times may increase.

How will I know the status of my claim? 

If you provide us with an email address, we will keep you updated on the status of your claim as it progresses.

Does the Money Back Guarantee include Postage costs?

The Money Back Guarantee does not include any postage costs as you will see in the full Terms and Conditions.

How do I send the unused product?

You are welcome to compress any boxed product to assist in posting. Please adhere to postage requirements for liquid product and take necessary steps to avoid leakage. We are happy to receive the unused product in box, envelope, padded bag or otherwise, so long as it meets the regulations of the postal service.

Lost mail items.

While very rare in occurrence, it is not impossible that things get lost in the post from time-to-time. As such, we recommend that you take copies of your original purchase receipt, form / paperwork, the postage receipt, and photographic evidence of your claim (packaging and portion) before sending. Of course, you are welcome to pay an additional fee for tracking with your postal service of choice, but this will not be included in the refund price.

What if I don’t meet the Terms?

If your claim does not meet the terms and is not able to be processed, you will be notified by mail. Every circumstance is different, and as such we are happy to discuss alternative resolutions by email or telephone once a decision has been reached. 

How do I know what the recommended retail price was at the time of my purchase? 

Feel free to contact us on 02 8818 0100 AEST Monday – Friday (Australia) and we can advise.

Domestic Customers (Australia Only)

  • 1) Return any unused portion of the product and all packaging, along with your original purchase receipt within 90 of the purchase for a refund of the purchase price to:
    Caruso’s Natural Health
    Money Back Guarantee
    PO Box 158 Horsley Park NSW 2175
  • 2) Please include the following details:
    Your Full name clearly printed
    Your mailing address
    Your email address
    Your contact telephone number
    Any feedback you wish to provide
    Alternatively, you can print and fill out the Money Back Guarantee Form by clicking here.
  • 3) Refund does not include costs of postage and handling.
  • 4) Purchase must be made from an approved Caruso’s Natural Health retailer.
  • 5) Refund amount will not exceed the Recommended Retail Price of the product at the time of purchase.

International Terms & Conditions (outside of Australia)

  • 1) For online purchases through only
  • 2) Contact Caruso’s Natural Health by email: or telephone: +61 28818 0100 (AEST, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) to request your Money Back, quoting your Receipt number (starting with CNH) within 90 days of your purchase.
  • 3) Refund will be made electronically onto the card or into the PayPal account from which payment was made, in Australian Dollars.
  • 4) Refund will be of the product price only, and will not include any postage and handling costs.