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Caruso’s Kids & Teens Probiotic

Caruso's Kids & Teens Probiotic contains beneficial flora which can help to provide support for a healthy digestive system and healthy immune system. This may result in fewer sick days from day care or school for your child.

Caruso’s Immune Aid

Caruso’s Immune Aid is a unique blend formulated to support the immune system to fight illness. It also helps provide relief for up to eight symptoms of common colds and flu.

Caruso's Olive Leaf

Olive Leaf Extract has traditionally been used in Western Herbal Medicine to reduce common cold symptoms, severity and duration. Olive leaf extract also helps to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and may enhance antioxidant defence system.

What's New

Caruso's Children's Brain Health

Caruso's Children's Brain Health is a high strength Omega-3 fish oil with concentrated DHA, iodine and phosphatidylserine. Ideal to support brain and cognitive function. It supports learning and mental concentration, helps to promote attention span and supports cognitive development.

Caruso's Children's Multivitamin

Caruso's Children's Multivitamin contains 20 vitamins and minerals to support the healthy growth and development of children aged 2 years and over. It comes in a great tasting strawberry vanilla flavour, one-a-day chewable tablet.

Caruso's Children's Eye Health

Caruso's Children's Eye Health is a high strength fish oil formula, which is sustainably sourced. It supports healthy eye development, eye function, assists eye adaptation as well as helps support brain and mental function.

Special Offers

Caruso’s Vitamin E 500IU

Caruso’s Vitamin E 500IU contains the d-alpha-tocopherol form of Vitamin E in a high strength one-a-day capsule. Caruso’s Vitamin E 500IU helps to provide antioxidant activity, it supports cardiovascular and circulatory systems and also supports immune health.

Caruso's Astragalus

Caruso’s Astragalus is a high dose one-a-day formula. It provides support for immune system and helps to reduce duration of the common cold.

Caruso's Boswellia 2500

Caruso’s Boswellia 2500 provides relief from mild joint swelling and inflammation. It supports joint health and mobility, reduces mild joint stiffness and maintains joint flexibility.