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Caruso’s Ashwagandha

Caruso’s Ashwagandha contains the unique organic herbal extract KSM-66® Ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is one of the most popular traditionally used Ayurvedic medicines and is used to relieve symptoms of stress and mild anxiety, and help support emotional wellbeing, and a healthy stress response in the body.

Caruso’s Stress & Anxiety Spray

Caruso’s Stress & Anxiety Spray is formulated to help reduce the symptoms of mild anxiety, assist the body in coping with environmental stressors, and to soothe and calm the nerves. It also helps support concentration, alertness and memory, and promotes healthy mood and emotional balance.

Caruso's Ginkgo 6000

Caruso’s Ginkgo 6000 has been formulated to support and enhance cognitive performance, memory recall and concentration, improve learning ability, and help promote healthy blood circulation.

What's New

Caruso's Revivalife 5 Day Body Reset

Caruso’s Revivalife 5 Day Body Reset is a triple action body reset formula containing three high-quality formulas working together to target sugar cravings, relieve mild fluid retention, and reduce abdominal bloating and constipation.

Caruso's Wee Less

Caruso’s Wee Less is a unique herbal formula developed to reduce urinary incontinence and urgency associated with medically diagnosed overactive bladder. It can also assist with relieving urinary frequency, and support healthy bladder and urinary tract function.

Caruso's Children's Magnesium Complex

Caruso's Children's Magnesium Complex is a magnesium formula to support children’s bone and muscle health, nervous system function, immune health, and their overall general health and wellbeing. Available in a delicious and natural berry flavour.

Special Offers

Caruso's Vitamin B1

Caruso’s Vitamin B1 is a one-a-day tablet containing high strength thiamine to help maintain energy production through the metabolism of carbohydrates and protein, and provide support for nervous system function.

Caruso's Folinic Acid

Caruso’s Folinic Acid is a one-a-day tablet providing 500mcg of an active form of folic acid. Folinic acid can help promote healthy foetal development, support brain and central nervous system development, and promote red blood cell health.

Caruso's Vitamin E 500IU

Caruso’s Vitamin E 500IU contains the d-alpha-tocopherol form of Vitamin E in a high strength one-a-day capsule which can help support cardiovascular, skin, and immune health.