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Do you suffer from mild varicose veins?

Are you too embarrassed to wear shorts or go to the beach because you suffer from mild varicose veins?

If the appearance of your legs is important to you then here’s some really great news. Now there’s a herbal and nutritional formula called Caruso’s Veins Clear, which has been specifically developed for people suffering from mild varicose veins.

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are twisted, darkish-blue veins that form just under your skin. As a sufferer of mild varicose veins you may be familiar with an associated aching in you legs.

What causes varicose veins?

Leg veins have a challenging task carrying the blood away from your feet, towards your heart and up against gravity. When the walls of your veins become weak, the veins stretch too much and special valves within these veins are hindered from closing tightly to stop blood flowing backwards. As a result, blood pools in your veins, making them dilate.

Strengthen your capillaries and blood vessels

The Caruso’s Veins Clear formula helps strengthen your capillaries and blood vessels.

Weak vein walls are a primary cause of varicose veins. Caruso’s Veins Clear contains Grape seed extract, which has been included as it may help strengthen your capillaries and blood vessels. Whilst the Ruscus, Vitamin C and Hesperin found in Caruso’s Veins Clear has been included to help strengthen your capillaries and tighten your veins.

May help the structure of the veins

Did you realise collagen is an important structural component of blood vessels? Vitamin C is important for the synthesis of collagen, whilst Grape seed extract may inhibit the destruction of the collagen in your blood vessels. Caruso’s Veins Clear may help strengthen and tighten your veins.

For the aching associated with mild varicose veins

The Ruscus found in Caruso’s Veins Clear may assist with aching in your legs caused by mild varicose veins. If mild varicose veins are a problem for you, try Caruso’s Veins Clear today.

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