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Innovator of the Year


In 2021, Caruso’s Natural Health were awarded the ‘Innovator of the Year’ award for their Shelf Categorisation System.

Caruso’s team set out to create a shopping experience for the consumer that was effortless and free of confusion. Steering away from traditional categorised “health” segments used by other brands, Caruso’s Shelf Categorisation System divides the range so that consumers can sort through health solution or specific ingredients.

Caruso’s received a positive response on their Shelf Categorisation System not only from consumers, but also from the retailers.

Caruso's hard work and dedication continue throughout the design, development and execution of the Shelf Categorisation System across Australian stores.


Most Outstanding Contribution to Education and Training & Most Outstanding Marketing Campaign


Caruso’s Natural health were the proud recipients of two Complementary Medicines Australia (CMA) awards in 2019; ‘Most Outstanding Contribution to Education and Training’ and ‘Most Outstanding Marketing Campaign’.



Lady Cilento Award


In 2016, Founder of Caruso’s Natural Health, Frank Caruso was awarded the Complementary Medicine’s Australia “Lady Cilento Award”. This is the complementary medicine industry’s most prestigious award, recognising an individual’s lifetime achievements and outstanding contribution to the industry and community. The award acknowledges the individual’s professionalism, contribution of outstanding merit and reflection of high aspirations benefiting the complementary healthcare ethos.


Most Outstanding Contribution to Research, Education & Training Award.


Caruso’s Natural Health were also proud recipients of the 2015 Complementary Medicines Australia Most Outstanding Contribution to Research, Education & Training Award.