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Caruso's Natural Health Social Media House Rules

Updated August 2017

We love connecting with our customers and the community on Social Media! In order to create a safe and enjoyable online space, we’ve compiled some guidelines for participation on our Social Media Pages. Please take a moment to read these and keep them in mind when you link up with us.

We will not accept the following, and will remove / take appropriate action in the face of any post that is:

  • Abusive, Offensive, Threatening or Harassing,
  • Defamatory, Obscene, Violent,
  • Malicious, Fraudulent or Misleading,
  • Spam or Solicitation,
  • Bullying, Sexual or Suspicious,
  • Violating Intellectual Property rights.

Please note, that the views and opinions expressed on Caruso’s Social Media Channels by others are not necessarily a reflection of the opinions of Caruso’s nor do Caruso’s endorse or support the opinions or the accuracy of these opinions of third parties on our Social Media Pages.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback regarding this policy of our Social Media pages & activities, please feel free to email us: