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Adventure Clubs For Kids

Joining a community association has so many benefits especially when the association is Scouts, and yes, I am biased.

My twins have been involved in Scouts since they were eight years of age. They joined due to a friend at school being a Cub Scout. The girls are now twelve years old and they have moved up to Scouts and are loving every minute of what is offered by this amazing community group.

You can join Scouts when you turn five and you start as a Joey Scout. You don’t need to join when you are five, you can join whenever you like. Scouts will welcome you no matter what level you are at, or skills you possess.


“Scouts has been around for over 113 years”


My nearly five-year-old is super keen to be like big sisters and join Scouts too! Scouting offers children an array of activities that build confidence, helps kids form friendships and teaches them useful life skills. I love the fact that Scouts Australia gives kids the opportunity to be outdoors and have amazing adventures.

What Can You Do at Scouts?


  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Map reading
  • Planning and preparation for hikes, camps and more
  • Cooking
  • Abseiling
  • Canoeing, kayaking and water safety
  • Learning about tying knots
  • Learn first aid
  • Learning to be a leader
  • Teamwork
  • Creating friendships
  • Help and participate in the community
  • Learn by doing
  • STEM Activities
  • Work towards goals and gaining badges (Each badge is different and requires different work to be done to attain each badge) Scouts can focus on their interests to work on badges that appeal to them.
  • And lots more!


Did you know that Scouts can even teach you to fly a plane!


Yep, that is right, they can teach you to fly while you are a Scout. Scouts Air Activity Centre has been teaching Scouts to fly since 1972. They take kids up in planes so that they can experience what is like to be in a plane and also learn more about flying.

There are also activity days that whole Scout groups can organise to share the cost of the plane.

Kids now have so many distractions, and one of them is the mobile phone or the iPad. We are staring at screens on phones, screens on an iPad, and the television screen. Basically, staring at screens non-stop!

When I was a kid I was always outside, either exploring or having adventures with my friends. I only came home when the sun was going down or my mum called us in for dinner.

Scouts feels like it is a time before everyone got so obsessed with screens and technology. A time that values what it means to be outdoors. Showing kids that it is fun but also healthier to be at one with the environment and the outdoors.

The twins have organised their own huge hike and shown Scout leaders that they can read and understand a map and where everything is, ensure that the group has the right things for the hike, helped other younger members and recently completed a leadership course.

With all the adventure and activity the twins are involved with, I like to make sure that my girls stay healthy with Caruso's Kids & Teens Probiotic. Supporting my girl’s immune system allows them to be more active, stay healthier and have fewer sick days.

The girls have also gained their 200km hiking badge (not done in one hike but all the hikes add up to gain this badge), and in fact they are close to hiking 230km so far.

Scouts Australia have hundreds of groups in each state, just look for your area and pop into the local Scout Hall for a chat.

If you want your children to have more outdoor adventure, then Scouts is a great option. You will notice how confident your child will become being a Scout, not only will they learn lots, they will also make new friends and so will you!

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