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Caruso s Keeps Me Going 78 Year Old Triathlete Alf Lakin

Caruso's Keeps Me Going!-78 year old Triathlete Alf Lakin.

Meet Alf Lakin. Gold Coast based triathlete now 78 years of age, representing Australia in various domestic and international events.

Alf started competing in triathlons approximately three years ago, when he decided he needed a change from his usual track and field activity.

He says that the "challenge of doing the sport" was what inspired him to give it a go. He also believes that keeping active helps to keep your mind and body feeling young. In a recent interview with Channel 7's The Daily Edition, Alf said he believed that being inactive causes things to "start slowing down". But doing triathlons "keeps me in good health and is better than sitting around".

Alf credits his activity physically and the sense of satisfaction and community that it brings for his positive outlook, proclaiming during a chat with Caruso's recently "life is great!".

Alf has been a long term user of Caruso's products and also says that he believes supplementation "makes a big difference".  Frank and the team at Caruso's are proud to support Alf in his athletic challenges and as he inspires people all around the world to stay active, no matter your age.

See his interview from August 2018 with The Daily Edition here

Find Alf on Instagram 

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