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Discover The Feel Good Essential Oil Rose Geranium

Discover the “feel good” essential oil: Rose Geranium

We’ve all heard the sayings, “Come up smelling like roses”“Life’s a bed of roses”, “Everything’s coming up roses”, and seeing things through, ”Rose coloured glasses”.  When we want to express looking good, or feeling good or a state of luxury we often refer to the beautiful and aromatic rose.

The rose has been adored throughout history and has been a symbol of love, beauty, war and politics, but unfortunately the pure rose essential oil is the most expensive essential oil! Lucky for us there’s Rose geranium.

A plant indigenous to Africa the geranium comes in over 200 different species. Geranium essential oil comes from two particular species:  Pelargonium graveolens which is used to produce the geranium essential oil and has a more citrus-like scent and the species Pelargonium odorantissium has a rose-like scent and produces Rose geranium essential oil. This variety of geranium is often added to rose essential oil to lower its price making it more affordable and offering a wider range of health benefits.

Rose geranium is described as being able to, “inspire natural beauty and enjoyment, uplifts and instantly tonifies the mind and intellect.” (Malte Hozzel) So how does smelling a rose make you feel?

Making you feel good

Rose geranium used topically has an overall balancing effect on the body. Its main benefit is on the mind and nervous system helping to lift the spirits and for relieving stress, generally making you “feel good”. Aromatherapists traditionally use Rose geranium for a wide range of health benefits.

Traditional uses of Rose geranium by Aromatherapists

In the Lymphatic system Rose geranium helps to detoxify your body and in female health has a balancing effect.
The adrenal cortex is stimulated and balanced helping with hormonal imbalances in the body.

Great for balancing oily and dry skin, as an antiseptic helps with minor wounds and burns. Rose geranium helps with the circulation, muscles and tissues of the skin improving the overall health and appearance of your skin. Its effects on the skin also help in dealing with scarring.

As a Deodorant it has a long-lasting pleasant odour that is not harsh on the skin and combined with its antibacterial properties helps to eliminate body odour caused by bacteria.

Rose geranium is best applied topically blended in massage oil, used in burners or vaporisers or as an ingredient in creams and body lotions for an uplifting, energising effect.

So, next time you need your spirits lifted don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!

Guest: Elisa B.

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