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Getting The Family Outdoors

Kids seem to be inside more and more. TV, phones, computers, school and homework. So how do you encourage kids to be outside and to connect more with nature?


Take bikes to the park


We are lucky that we live near two parks and can easily walk or ride our bikes to them. However, there is a park that used to be an old racetrack that is perfect for riding bikes and exploring the bush while we are there. It is super easy to drive to and take our bikes and then we can cycle around the racetrack, do the bush walk or even sit on the grass and look at the pond.



Walk to our destination if it is close


If we don’t have far to travel, I like to take the kids and walk there. Maybe we are going to the shops, or the movies (and yes, it is another indoor activity the movies, but if you walk there and walk back you get exercise and have an adventure all at the same time), walk around the block and explore different streets and places to have some fun.


Take a ball when you go to the park



I like to keep a ball in the car as this way I am ready for any park that we end up at. My little boy is keen on kicking the ball around and this way we can all play a quick game of soccer and everyone gets a bit of exercise too.


Explore your local parks


Have you been to every local park yet? If you seem to only go to one all the time, now is your time to visit another. When you get to your new park make sure to explore all that it has to offer, the play equipment, walks you can take, the views, and maybe have a picnic while you are there.


Go to the pool or beach


Taking everyone to the pool allows kids to burn off some energy swimming and playing, plus to practice some of the techniques they are learning in swimming class.  If you are lucky enough to go to the beach you why not try body surfing, using a surfboard or other things like boogie boards. Simply walking up and down the beach is good exercise too, alongside having a bit of a swim.


Create games to have more fun


When my little boy and I go to parks we are always on the hunt for crystals and diamonds and also painted rocks. We have successfully collected diamonds (otherwise known as sparkly rocks). While we are searching for the mysterious diamonds, we are exploring our environment and walk and see more rather than just stay at the play equipment. You can create your own painted rocks to leave at parks too, and this way the family visits more parks and has more outdoor adventures.

Bug and insect watching


Are your kids fascinated by bugs? Do they love to find them in the garden? My little boy is fixated with slaters, lady bugs, cicadas, snails, ants and more. He has named a snail Maggie. Yes, we have a snail somewhere in our garden called Maggie. Since my little one is so taken with bug watching he has tried to bring them inside to live with him. Seeing bugs and insects in their natural habitat allows kids to learn more about animals and nature.


Jumping in muddy puddles


Peppa Pig really has a lot to answer for, but when you are a kid being in the rain and jumping in puddles is so much fun.  Allowing kids to get dirty and experience mud, rain and racing around outdoors can be some of the best days as a kid.  Not only are these fun things to do, but it is also good for your immune system to be exposed to different germs and experiences.

Spending time outdoors is so good for you…in fact it is the best thing you can do. Scientists believe that breathing in fresh air can boost your white blood cells, improves your vision, allows you to get natural Vitamin D from the sun, keep fit and stay at a healthy weight, and also ensures you get a good night’s sleep.

I like to make sure that my kids stay healthy, adding Caruso's Kids & Teens Probiotic to their diet means that I know they are getting what they need. Probiotics help with gut health and assists with healthy digestion and is a great addition to being in nature.  

Being outdoors makes you calmer and a happier person, so if you are not feeling great, getting outside is the best medicine. I hope that this list gives you some great ideas to enjoy the outdoors with the family and be healthy together.


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