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Suzanne's Back To School Guide For Parents: Get High School Ready

Starting high school is a major transition, my girls are very excited but also nervous about day one of grade seven.

High school is a fresh start and one that means that the big kids of primary will now be the little kids of high school…. yes, you have to start all over again.


A new school, new teachers, new subjects, and new kids to meet is a great adventure, and one that my kids are really looking forward to. A new school brings a new uniform and a colour that is different from their primary school, they are now wearing navy blue rather than bottle green, and according to the twins this is a major win.

I have been telling my girls that high school is exciting and can be a shock to the system. A bigger school with more subjects and more work can be rather overwhelming.

The twins have purchased their books, sorted everything for their pencil case and have labelled all items ready for day one. Even though they are nervous both kids are very excited to be starting the next chapter of their school lives.

My tips are: To do a little bit of work on an assignment each day and make sure to do your homework. If you need help ask for it, there are teachers available and parents ready to help you get to grips with high school and what is expected.

Do not freak out just take a day at a time, you will get there. When you start anything, you feel a little nervous, it is all natural.


So how do you prepare your kids for starting high school?


  1. You will have more than 1 teacher
    In fact you might have 6-8 teachers or more. This is a massive change compared to having one main teacher and a few others for library or music. It will take you a while to get to know how each teacher works and what they expect from you as a student.

  2. Each teacher will give you work
    Different subjects will assign homework and assignments to do. Make sure you understand what is needed from each teacher and do a little work to get the assignments and work done.

  3. You need to be responsible for your schedule
    Now you are a high schooler it is your job to keep on top of all your work and when it is due. No more doing everything the night before. If you have a diary you should enter the dates when assignments are due as well as tests. If you have the dates listed, you can work towards them in a strategic fashion.

  1. Each class will be held in a different classroom
    Each subject will be in a different classroom, so this means you need to go to each room. When you do move to each classroom make sure to take your bag with you.

  2. Follow your interests and pick subjects that you are good at
    If you are interested in drama and art then do more subjects that follow this path, or if you are into maths and science then you can do more of these subjects. In high school you can follow what you want to do. There are subjects that you must do (compulsory subjects) but there are some that you can pick (electives).

  3. Involve yourself in groups at school
    Find out what clubs and groups are available at your new school. Joining a club is a great way to meet friends and to get involved with likeminded people that share your passion for art, drama or computer programming.

  4. Make new friends
    Our local high school is for all the primary schools in the area, this means that the kids that you socialized with at your primary school is not your only choice for friends this year. This is your chance to meet a whole new batch of kids that are starting High School at the same time. Introduce yourself and invite new kids to play, do not just stick with your old groups. I know starting a new school is a bit scary and kids are nervous, but there are many kids feeling the same. You might not have met your best friend yet as they are from a different primary school. Be open to new experiences and embrace being with new groups that you do not know well yet.

  5. Make sure that you get enough sleep and eat well
    Starting high school is a big transition and one that comes with a lot things to learn and to take in. Your child will most likely be a bit overwhelmed and that is normal. Making sure that your child is getting enough sleep and eating well is essential, as it will help them cope with a busy schedule. Sleep also helps you recharge, lowers stress, helps you to concentrate at school, and allows you to be in a better mood. 


My girls are growing and need the extra support so I add Caruso's Kids & Teens Probiotic to their diet. It is either added to their cereal in the morning or in a milo smoothie, which is just milk mixed with Milo in the blender, plus the Kids & Teens Probiotic which “contains beneficial flora which can help to provide support for a healthy immune system.”


The first day of high school cannot come soon enough for my girls, although they are nervous the main emotion is excitement and keenness to go to the next step in their lives.

High school is a big change for kids and the first day is a massive milestone.  My girls were over primary late last year and keen for their next challenge at school.

It’s going to be interesting to see what they want to do at high school and how they enjoy it. 

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