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Tips To Keep You Calm Engaged And Focused At Home

Tips to keep you calm, engaged and focused at home

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to dominate the headlines, you may be staying away from the workplace and regular activities. It may be that you’re already set up to work from home or it may be that you’ll be at home on leave as working from home is not an option. 

Here are a few tips to try and keep you calm, engaged and focussed.

Set some goals

If you are going to be home for a period of time, what would you like to achieve? There are plenty of goals you can set for yourself in the following categories:

- Work goals 
- Exercise goals 
- Relaxation or de-stress goals 
- Entertainment goals 
- Family goals 
- Spiritual/meditation goals 

You can even take on a creative challenge, there could be many!

Set a timetable

If you like routine then set a timetable for this period. Allocate time for the key tasks, you can break up the day with a mix of work, physical activity and entertainment. If you have work commitments make sure you lock them in to ensuring you’re meeting your requirements.  Other goals can drop in every few days, whatever way you can make it work and give yourself some variety.

Make time for some Vitamin D

If you can, setting up a time for a bit of sunshine vitamin D can go a long way. According to the Cancer Council, spending time outside during lunchtime or in the middle of the day can help maintain your vitamin D levels. Ideas could be to spend some time in the garden, sweeping the path or sitting outside with a cuppa, newspaper, book or magazine.

Entertaining the kids

If we can avoid being on devices all day, that’s a win! Get children involved in developing their own goals and timetable (age dependant of course). It may be a good opportunity to reconnect and tell stories and play together. If you’re working from home, you could set up some creative jobs that they can do quietly alongside you in case you need to jump into a video call, for example. Add some challenges, maybe set a dress theme for the day from superheroes to pirates or princesses. This theme can extend to the stories they write, pictures they draw, movie scripts, plays or dances they do in preparation for an evening show.

Creative cooking, you may not be able to get your hands on all the staples and fresh produce that you’re used to cooking with, no stress. Set yourself or your family a creative cooking challenge. Using available ingredients, possibly some substitutes, what masterpieces can you whip up?

Exercise & de-stress goals

If you’re primarily trying to stay indoors, what exercise routine can you put together? Set up your own little circuit. Check out franks 20-minute functional exercise, here. Alternatively, there are plenty of strength, cardio, pilates or yoga YouTube videos available and mix it up. The variety will play a big part in keeping you energised. The kids may like to help select a kids yoga that appeals to them or you might have a gaming console which has a dance challenge or exercise component. This may not be something you get to do together often, but that could be memorable and a great way to connect. Is there a four-legged family member who would love the added attention and a walk?

Home alone

What social goals can you set? A virtual cuppa and a chat with a friend on FaceTime? Some people find the break from routine and social isolation quite daunting. Consider what plans can you put in place to interact with others and possibly bring a smile to the face of someone in a similar situation or someone you just haven’t reached out to for a little while. Are there any neighbours you can leave a few supplies or a message to help make sure they are ok? 

So to avoid going stir crazy trapped at home, spend a bit of time planning to keep yourself engaged and achieving each day. Children need entertainment and stimulation and maybe some quiet work, drawing, reading, lego building time can be rewarded with some exercise, relax, and playtime together.

Ref: https://www.cancer.org.au/news/media-releases/how-much-sun-is-enough.html 

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