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Tips to make back to school easy

The morning routine getting kids ready for school can be crazy.

Kids cannot find a shoe, someone is wearing the uniform that the other kid carefully put out the night before, children are getting ready at such a slow pace everyone will be late for everything, and the youngest is yelling at how he just wants to watch Bluey!

It is so frustrating that when your children want to go somewhere, they get ready at breakneck speed, but if it is school drop off, they seem to be moving at a snail’s pace, in fact I think snails might move quicker than my three kids do.

This year the twins off to high school and their brother off to primary school (he is starting kindergarten) and these schools are in different parts of town. The kid who is starting kindy cannot walk there or get a bus by himself so we will need to take him and pick him up, however his older sisters are able to get a bus and come home on their own. Even though the twins are more grown up I think the first day is something you will never get again, and I am dropping them off for the obligatory first day photos to probable protests by the girls about how it is so annoying, and I am embarrassing them.



So how can you make the morning routine easier?


  1. Pack your bag the night before
    Make sure your school bag is packed with everything you need for day one. This way you are not racing around wondering where any item is, it is all secure and sorted in your school bag ready to start the new school year.
  1. Organise your lunch boxes & drink bottle the night before as well
    It is a good idea to pack your lunch box the night before too, this means that all you must do in the morning is have breakfast, a shower and get into your school uniform. Easy!

    HINT: Put juice poppers in the freezer and then use them as an ice block in the lunch box. When they melt the juice will be icy cold.

  2. Put out the clothes you going to wear to school
    Another item that is a good idea to organise the night before is your school clothes. Pick out what you will be wearing, shorts, t-shirt, jumper, hat, socks, and shoes. Then you are all sorted for your first day back. This is a good habit to get into as it makes the morning routine so much easier.

  3. Think about what day it is going to be tomorrow & what you will need for school
    Make sure you are thinking about what is happening on each day of school, do you need your library bag, or your apron for woodwork and protective goggles? Start thinking ahead and make sure you have what you need in your bag. You do not want to be the only kid without your book to do your work. Having a timetable easily seen on your wall is helpful as this can remind you easily of what is on each day.

  4. Make sure you have your travel pass (smartcard) for the bus or train
    If your child catches a bus or train make sure that they have their school travel pass on them. They do not want to get to the bus or train and find they don’t have it.
  1. If you are getting picked up know where to wait for Mum & Dad or another family member

Make sure to tell your child when they start school where you will come and pick them up. If you have a dedicated spot, they will know to wait for you there. If you are running late notify the office and they will let your child know.


When you come home from school what you do will impact your next day.


  • When you get home unpack your bags and wash your lunch box and drink bottle.
  • Do not leave any food in your bag.
  • Take out any work that you need to bring home or notes you need to give to your parents.
  • If you only have subjects on certain days take out the books that you will not need and pack your bag with the correct items for the next day at school.
  • If you are in kindy you will need to make sure that your library bag is in your bag on certain days, as well as making sure your reader is in your bag for when parents and teachers listen to you read in class.
  • Do the homework that has been given to you and if it is an assignment do a little bit.
  • Kindy kids don’t get homework and learn through play and games. If your kindy kid has sight words to learn, work with them to understand them and know the words. This makes reading so much easier if you know your sight words.
  • Once all kids have done some work you can then give them an afternoon snack. I like to give my kids some yoghurt and fruit, and yes, I add Caruso's Kids & Teens Probiotic to the yoghurt (if they have not had it for breakfast). It helps maintain gut health and wellbeing, so good for busy kids at school.
  • Now you can relax and play in the garden, play with mates, read a book, play a computer game, or watch an episode of your favourite show. Downtime is essential and spending time playing makes you relax and recharged for another day of learning.



I hope that these tips make your back-to-school morning routine easier and calmer.

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