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Winter Activities For Kids

As the winter months grow colder, you may struggle to find ways other than outdoor activities to keep your children active. But your child’s physical activity does not need to rely on the weather. There is so much that they can do besides staying cooped inside up all winter.

Active Video Games Technology:

According to the 2003 Australian Bureau of Statistics survey 81.8 per cent of children aged 5–14 years play video games for an average of eight hours over a school fortnight! That’s equivalent to just over 45 minutes a day. This time could be perfectly utilised for you to adopt physical activity in your child’s life. Nowadays, video games come in all shapes and sizes, and thanks to motion-sensing controllers like Wii Remotes and the Xbox Kinect, games can encourage them to get off the couch and move around. If your child is one of those who would spend that time on video games try and change the games to Active Video Games with movement.

Create an active space for your child at home

Children can be active anywhere in your home, by setting up a special place with activities for them to do. This give them a special place of their own and so will help keep them motivated throughout winter. This could range from hanging a basketball hoop on the wall, chalking hopscotch squares to the floor outside or setting up indoor soccer nets. Regardless of the activities you choose, making the space their own will keep them motivated.

Winter Sports

If you child is old enough enrol them in great winter sports such as such as football, hockey, netball, rugby and even indoor soccer. If they’re not keen on team sports there’s still a lot they can do such as dancing, gymnastics or swimming.

Indoor Facilities

If it is too cold outside and the children want to get out of the house, take advantage of the array of indoor activities available near you. Indoor activities include indoor play centres, heated swimming pools, indoor trampolining, indoor rock climbing, ice-skating, tennis and ten-pin bowling.

Take a break from the TV, walk when you can

Some winter mornings and afternoons are perfect for a walk, so take advantage of it and walk with your child. Whether it is to school or the local park on the weekend a 30 minute walk on a winter’s day is just as beneficial for you and your child.

As you can see, there are many physical activities that are beneficial for your child’s health that can be incorporated throughout winter. So don’t let winter slow them down. To keep them healthy keep them moving, active and motivated.

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