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Eye Health

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  1. Bilberry

    Caruso’s Bilberry combines three of nature’s most powerful antioxidants to help maintain healthy vision, relieve eyestrain and soreness and help to reduce visual fatigue.

    $54.95 RRP
  2. Hawaiian Astaxanthin

    Astaxanthin has a unique structure compared to other antioxidants and works differently in your body. It offers protection from free radicals on both the inside and outside of the cell, thus allowing for it to support numerous cells and body systems. 

    $32.95 RRP
  3. Kids Eye Care

    Caruso's Kids Eye Care contains a combination of Lutemax 2020™, Fish Oil and Vitamin A to help support the health of your child's eyes, brain, and immune system and also their general wellbeing.

    $34.95 RRP
  4. King Krill 1500

    Caruso's King Krill 1500 is a high strength source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids EPA and DHA, which are bound to Phospholipids, combined with the added benefits of Vitamin D3 in a convenient one-a-day capsule.

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  5. King Krill 2000

    Caruso’s King Krill 2000 is a high potency supplement formulated for any adult who wishes to take a convenient mega dose of Omega-3  Fatty Acids with the added benefits of Vitamin D3.

    $56.75 RRP
  6. King Krill Concentrate

    Caruso's King Krill Concentrate contains a Krill oil that has undergone a unique filtration process to concentrate the amount of Omega-3 contained in each 1000mg capsule. This filtration process also removes most of the odour causing molecules normally found in Krill Oil, so you get the convenience of a one-a-day low odour Krill oil to supplement your daily omega-3 intake.
    $66.50 RRP
  7. Vitamin B2 100mg

    Caruso's Vitamin B2 is a one-a-day supplement designed to assist with the management of mild migraines, energy and metabolism and the maintenance of hair, skin and nails.
    $19.95 RRP
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7 Item(s)